The true Roland Garros experience – broken down

Roland Garros – the French Open is one of the most crucial tennis fixtures in the world tennis calendar. If you are a tennis fan, this is an event that you cannot miss. The Roland Garros takes a special place since it is the only Grand Slam tournament on clay.

The tournament is named after the French aviator and fighter pilot Roland Garros who was notable for his escape from the German camps during World War 1 before being gunned down in 1918. The French Open commemorates his efforts for the country and as a tennis player.

Whether you are a Nadal fan or Federer fan, making it to the French Open in Paris is a spectacular experience. Watching a game of tennis is only a part of the entire expedition.

Use this guide to understand how to make your trip, from purchasing Roland Garros tickets to making maximum use of the opportunity to indulge in tour-related festivities.

Tournamnet Information 


Starts: May 22nd

Ends: June 5th

Key dates: 

June 4th, 3:00 PM: Women’s Singles Final & Men’s Doubles final

June 5th, 3:00 PM: Men’s Singles Final

Current Champions: 

  • Men’s singles: Novak Djokovic (Serbia)
  • Women’s singles: Barbora Krejčíková (Czech Republic)
  • Men’s doubles: Pierre-Hugues Herbert and Nicolas Mahut (France)
  • Women’s doubles: Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková (Czech Republic)

Getting in and out of Paris and to the Stade Roland Garros can be complicated, especially on a match day. There will be tight security on the match days, and use this guide to understand what you need to do.

Roland Garros tickets – How to choose

Choosing Roland Garros tickets is a little bit complicated. Generally, you can purchase tickets based on two options:

  1. Purchase tickets at one of the three stadiums and get access to the outside courts
  2. Purchase tickets to the outside courts

The second option is a value option that will provide you with the best value for the money you play. This means that you will be purchasing for any courts outside the main courts – Phillippe Chatrier, Suzanne Lenglen, or Simonne-Mathieu. While you might have a chance of seeing the likes of a Serena Williams or a Rafael Nadal, the chances are slim.

The real deal is all to do with the inside courts of the Stade Roland Garros, and these tickets are high in demand, especially when it comes to the last few rounds of the draws.

What you need to know 

When you finally make it to Paris, you will need to have all the correct documents to gain access. You might be stopped at a few gates to confirm your identity, so you must carry your passport along. The Roland Garros ticket you purchase also needs to have the correct name (either printed or downloaded) to avoid any issues.

Things not allowed at the court: 

  • No liquid containers more than 1.5 liters
  • Selfie sticks or metal containers
  • No strollers

Food and drinks 

The food at the stadium is extremely pricey. Instead, spend that money outside the stadium and bring your own lunch to the stadium. There is no restriction in bringing food to the courts.

Also, it can get quite humid, and staying hydrated is vital. Use the quota of 1.5 liters and pack a large water bottle.


Once you get the Roland Garros tickets or get an outside court pass, you’ll want to divide your time wisely. So check the schedule to see where you want to be going beforehand to get the full experience. The Roland Garros Android and iOS apps can come in handy in choosing the courts.

Pro tip: Also, look at practice courts. With a pass, you should be able to take a peek at a few practice courts and catch a glimpse of a Nadal or a Federer practicing.

Pick your breaks

Like many tournaments, you will need to be aware that if you step out mid-game, you won’t be permitted in until that comes to a close. Pick your bathroom breaks accordingly so that you don’t miss out on the crucial bits of the game.

Try to time your breaks to be back in time for the important games.

Avoid the sun 

Don’t forget to take your sun cream with you when you make it to the stadium. Even if the weather forecast has overcast conditions, there’s still a likelihood of you getting burnt. Like any other tennis arena, the Roland Garros courts have significantly less shade, and you’ll be out in the sun for hours.

Bringing a hat will always be a wise move.

What to wear

Watch the weather forecast and dress accordingly. If it says sunny, don’t opt for anything exquisite – always wear something light and breezy. But if you think you can manage the heat and still come in dress clothes, most certainly do so. The courts, however, do not have an enclosure, so always bring your umbrella and, if possible, a raincoat.

Roland Garros is pretty adamant about continuing the game through heavy winds and light rain, so come prepared if you want to keep watching the game.

Purchasing tickets

To purchase Roland Garros tickets, you could be signing up on the Roland Garros website and looking out for the tickets. But the tickets listed on the official website sell out in record time, and the chances are that you’ll miss out on the tickets you want.

Instead, Seatsnet provides a fitting solution for anyone looking out for Roland Garros tickets for 2022. The largest ticketing destination dedicated to sport and music events across the globe, the platform simplifies getting a ticket.

All you need to do is head to the platform, select Roland Garros, and look for available options. Here you will find a list of resellers who listed their open tickets. You can filter out the dates and the courts accordingly and find the one that fits in a matter of seconds.

All sellers on the platform are verified and go through a series of strict safety guidelines to ensure authenticity. So you know that the money you are investing guarantees you a seat.

Once the payment is confirmed, you’ll be having the tickets sent to you by email or via post or courier. With Seatsnet’s guarantee, you’ll be guaranteed a smooth flow from selecting your tickets to having them in your hand.

Fun things to do at Roland Garros 

The stadium is equipped with fan engagement activities all around. While there are always many interactive fun games and activities, this one is simple and consistent: the Longines Serve Speed Radar.

Located by the Place des Mousquetaires, there is a small booth where 2 Euros gets you the chance to see how fast you can serve! The money goes to charity, and your ego goes out the door when you realize your 129 KPH serve is actually an 80 MPH serve actually.

You can also hang out at the Place des Mousquetaires – a space between Court No. 1 and the Court Philippe-Chatrier. It is a circular patio surrounded by greeny and statues inside the venue. In front of you, you’ll find the main stadium game on a gigantic screen.