Purchasing Wimbledon tickets for 2022 – What you need to know!

The greatest and the most prestigious prize on offer for tennis is Wimbledon. Also known as The Championships, it is the oldest tennis tournament globally and filled with rich tradition and prestige. Held annually at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London, since 1877, the tournament is known to be the pinnacle of tennis.

One of the four Grand Slam tournaments for a year, the tournament is known to be the crème de la crème of tennis and attracts the world’s top tennis talents. The Wimbledon is where it all ends – where the best of the best gets crowned as champions. Amongst the four Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam to be played in the grass.

With its historical significance, competitiveness, and intensity of play, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club attracts thousands of fans who are eager to witness history being written each year. Thus, Wimbledon tickets are prized possessions, and owning such a ticket is considered part of an honoured tradition.

A little bit of history

In 1877 the first-ever Wimbledon Championship started with a gentlemen’s singles event. The ladies’ singles came in 1884, and the tournament has seen several changes been made through the decades. The championship was halted during the two world wars, and it was in 1937 that the tournament was telecasted for the first time.

In 1993, a long-term plan was laid to upgrade the facility and bring significant developments to the court stadiums. In 2009, the Centre court of the Wimbledon complex got a retractable roof, and several other developments followed through to 2019. With the All England lawn tennis and Croquet Club acquiring neighbouring land, the club is looking at a brand new expansion plan that includes a brand new show court that could seat 8,000.

The plans are also in place to increase the number of courts from 19 to 39. If the development goes according to plan, this will be a reality by 2030. In 2020, the pandemic called off the Wimbledon – the first time since 1945, that the event did not take place.

Tradition is one of the closely knitted things that go together with Wimbledon. Unlike the other tennis tournaments, Wimbledon refers to their men’s and women’s events as gentlemen and ladies’ singles, respectively. Also, the tournament is particular regarding dress code, and players have to wear white at all times.

Wimbledon 2022 – What you need to know

Tournament dates: 

June 27th to July 10th

Important dates: 

  • Mixed doubles Final: July 7th
  • Ladies’ singles Final: July 8th
  • Gentlemen’s doubles Final: July 9th
  • Gentlemen’s singles Final: July 10th
  • Ladies doubles Final: July 10th

The Wimbledon consists of five main events, four junior events and seven invitational events.

The main events for this year’s Wimbledon are as follows:

  • Gentlemen’s Singles – 128 players
  • Ladies’ Singles – 128 players
  • Gentlemen’s Doubles – 64 team entries
  • Ladies’ Doubles – 64 team entries
  • Mixed Doubles – 48 team entries

Four junior events go in line with the main events at Wimbledon:

  • Boys’ Singles – 64 players
  • Girls’ Singles – 64 players
  • Boys’ Doubles – 32 teams
  • Girls’ Doubles – 32 teams

Other than these competitions, Wimbledon is a tennis festival and has several invitational events.

  • Gentlemen’s Invitation Doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
  • Ladies’ Invitation Doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
  • Senior Gentlemen’s Invitation Doubles (8 pairs Round Robin)
  • Gentlemen’s Wheelchair Singles
  • Ladies’ Wheelchair Singles
  • Gentlemen’s Wheelchair Doubles (4 pairs)
  • Ladies’ Wheelchair Doubles (4 pairs)

The Schedule

According to Wimbledon traditions, the tournament begins last Monday in June or the first July Monday. The tournament runs for 14 days and ends on Sunday. The demand for Wimbledon tickets will be the highest on the weekends and especially Sundays, where all the crucial matches take place.

The second Monday is also another hot pick with fans for Wimbledon tickets. It is the busiest day of the tournament, with the final 16 matches for men’s and women’s single. Taking a ticket on this day will guarantee any fan a few of the best tennis games.

Purchasing Wimbledon tickets

If the FIFA World Cup tickets were a hard find, finding Wimbledon tickets is even more difficult. The truth is that the two Wimbledon stadiums – Centre Court and Court 1 have limited seating, and getting access can be like winning the lottery.

Most of the Centre Court, Court 1 and Court 2 tickets are sold in advance through a ballot. Annually, thousands of fans register for the public ballot, and only a few hundred get lucky. Every year Wimbledon holds both a UK and an overseas public ballot.

But in 2022, the officials have confirmed that there will not be a Wimbledon Public Ballot. Because the 2020 Wimbledon got cancelled, guests who were successful in the 2020 ballot will be offered the same-day ticket in 2022.

Tickets will be distributed via the official Wimbledon Mobile Apps on iOS and Android. The release dates will be updated in line with the tournament.

There are also other ways to get Wimbledon tickets, including you queuing up ahead of the tournament days at the club for tickets.

Ticket prices will range from $46 to $240 depending on the day and the court you want to be spectating from. Centre Court and Court 1 will be the most expensive ones. The ground passes that will give you access to the exclusive viewing area and the other secondary courts will range from $8 to $27.

But, amidst all of this, Seatsnet can also provide a fitting solution in finding Wimbledon tickets. Seatsnet cuts through all of this noise and provides every tennis fan access to Wimbledon.

The largest ticketing destination dedicated to sport and music events across the globe, the platform simplifies getting a ticket. All you need to do is head to the platform, select the tournament, and look for available options.

Here you will find a list of resellers who listed their open tickets. You can filter out the dates and the courts accordingly and find the one that fits in a matter of seconds.

The ticket resellers on the platform are all verified individuals and go through a series of security checks to ensure authenticity. So when you make the purchase, you know that you are getting your hands on authentic Wimbledon tickets and not counterfeit ones.

Tickets will be available as soon as the tournament draws closer from the resellers, and make sure you keep the Seatsnet Wimbledon tickets page bookmarked to check frequently. Sometimes you might miss out on the first round of tickets but don’t lose hope. As the tournament draws closer, expect more tickets on the platform.

What you need to do when making a purchase – 

  • Check for the correct date – the tickets can be valid only for selected dates, so it is essential to double-check the dates.
  • Check the courts – Some tickets are only valid for the outside courts, which won’t give you access to the main three stadiums.

Provide the correct details – the security at the venue will check your ticket with the details, so make sure to share the accurate information and the identification number.