On-Field and Off-Field Goalie Clothing Checklist

Being a goalkeeper is one of the most intense experiences you can have. When you’re making those big saves, your goalie clothing plays a huge role.

All of the equipment you need to be successful on the field can be found at Just Keepers.

It is always important for goalies to have sturdy and stylish equipment, no matter what the occasion may be. The following is a list of a few essential items of goalie clothing to keep in mind.

A goalkeeper’s jersey

The jersey of the goalkeeper is unique for a reason. The jersey is specially designed for the demanding nature of the position, and the colour is different from anyone else’s. Only the goalie has the right to touch the ball. It is therefore necessary that the referee can easily distinguish them. There are many styles and colours of goalkeeper jerseys available at Just Keepers.

Nike jerseys come with long and short sleeves. There are brands such as Uhlsport, Precision, Adidas, Storelli, and HO Soccer to choose from.

The goalkeeper’s shorts

When it comes to goalie clothing, breathability is key, especially when choosing a pair of goalie shorts. During a match or training session, you will be kept dry and comfortable by the sweat-wicking fabric.

There are always dozens of goalie short options available at Just Keepers. Alternatively, you can choose the Storelli premium option, which offers hard-core protection for the external leg area.

When you’re looking for something more affordable but still durable, Just Keepers is a great choice. Each Nike and Jako Short product have a wide variety of colour and style options to suit every taste and budget.

The goalkeeper’s socks

For a secure fit and to keep the shin guards covered, it is necessary to wear long socks. Socks of the highest quality must be worn by goalkeepers in order to ensure their safety and comfort. The socks you wear as a goalie must be moisture-absorbing and keep your feet dry at all times.

Anatomical design and padded zones are also important. There are a variety of top football socks brands available at Just Keepers, including Adidas, Nike, and Uhlsport. You can choose any colour to match your jersey, and the prices are reasonable.

Wearing waterproof goalkeeper clothing

As the last line of defence, you have a lot to deal with. You’re in for even more discomfort if you’re playing in rainy conditions. A waterproof goalie suit will help you stay dry in rainy weather without affecting your performance.

At Just Keepers, you can purchase rain trousers, rain vests, and waterproof training shorts. There are a variety of versatile items available if you are looking for a waterproof windbreaker, a warm-up jacket, or a training jacket.

There are gorgeous Dry Rain jacket options available, that will keep you protected and ensure your comfort while out in the elements.

There is no better place to choose goalkeeper clothing on the market when it comes to protection from the wind and rain than Just Keepers.

Hats and caps for goalkeepers

There shouldn’t be any distractions while you’re on the field. In order to protect your eyes from the sun, the Nike Heritage Essential cap is one of the best goalie accessories available. The embroidered eyelets ensure enhanced ventilation, and it’s soft, comfortable, and durable.

When it’s cold during training sessions, knitted hats or beanie caps are essential goalkeeper clothing items. You can get Keeper ID GK training beanies with double layer knit and turnup design at Just Keepers. Customise it for free by adding your name, logo ID, or number.

Goalkeepers are always prepared

We all know that clothing and equipment don’t make goalies, but rather the other way around. In spite of that, you want to have every advantage possible when you play against the opposition.

In order to perform well during training sessions and matches, you have to wear the best jersey, goalie shorts, goalie gloves and socks. Furthermore, if you watch your teammates train or play in inclement weather, you should protect yourself.

We invite you to visit Just Keepers and choose the goalie clothing that will help you achieve your best performance on the field.