Business Related TV Shows to Watch for Inspiration

The daily dose of TV content that we watch has a huge impact on our lives. Additionally, it is very common for the things we consume on a daily basis to educate us and shape who we are as people. Therefore, it is essential to watch uplifting and useful TV programming that advances our character and motivates us to achieve more in life. If you are a business aspirant or are already an entrepreneur, there are TV shows that might encourage and push you to be a better businessperson. The technical parts of running a business can be learned from a variety of TV content, but there are also TV shows for entertainment as well as inspiration.

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If you want to stay current with the business-related world, you definitely need to watch the TV shows listed below.


The topic of the internet drama series Startup is the growth of GenCoin, a disputed cryptocurrency start-up. Startup exemplifies GenCoin’s ascent. Critics had a lot of conflicting opinions about the show’s plot, but it gradually gained popularity. There are presently three seasons and 30 episodes of the show. This incredibly engaging show features both Miami’s wealthy and underprivileged, as well as its mafia. Therefore, you should watch this show if you want to be entertained while also learning about startups and the various issues that arise for a startup.

Dirty Money

The Netflix original series Dirty Money examines how “the rich grow richer” via instances of corporate fraud and misconduct, even though it is not particularly positive. The show’s six-hour episodes are centered on a particular case of corporate misconduct. While not inspiring, this TV show does highlight some of the drawbacks of the corporate environment. It does not directly encourage you to start your own business, but it does educate you a lot about what to watch out for and how to avoid con artists and dishonest people. You may learn a lot about this other side of the corporate world by observing how fraud is carried out in this show.

Better Call Saul

If you watched the television show Breaking Bad, you might be familiar with Saul’ Goodman’s demeanor. Jimmy McGill, a character who transformed into the Breaking Bad version of himself six years earlier, is the focus of the Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul. The story revolves around Saul Goodman’s transformation from a modest attorney to one who represents the city’s worst criminals before going evil himself.

If you want inspiration to be as determined as Saul Goodman is, watch the series, but keeping on the right path will surely affect the results we encounter. Along with being fictional, this show teaches us that perseverance and time are two qualities that every person needs to succeed. Staying within one’s comfort zone is a recipe for failure.

Shark Tank

We are confident that Shark Tank is a TV program designed for business aspirants, not only because it gives them a platform but also because it greatly inspires us and teaches us valuable lessons in a variety of business-related areas. On the business-related reality TV show, entrepreneurs looking for capital for their start-ups pitch their ideas in front of a panel of five investors addressed as “sharks.”

The sharks assess and select based on the business presentation and proposal, which businesses to partner with. The panel includes business moguls like Barbara Corcoran, Lori Greiner, Daymond John, Mark Cuban, and Kevin O’Leary. Richard Branson, Ashton Kutcher, and Chris Sacca have made cameos as ‘sharks’. The product pitches in the 13 seasons ranged from the greatest to the poorest. It is worth watching since you can observe and learn from the product pitches that result in multiple offers. Even if you are not observant, you will benefit greatly from watching this reality TV show.


The television show Empire revolves around a fictitious hip-hop music and entertainment company called Empire Entertainment. As there is conflict in order to get control over the Empire, the founder’s family is mired in intrigue. The show has six seasons and there is constant conflict among the ex wife and her two sons which is the center point of the show.

So, if you want to watch something that is fun and also tells a lot about the business world, watch Billions. Despite being fiction, there are many things that you can relate to about the problems that arise in your future startup.


The power relationships in the New York high finance sector are examined in the TV show Billions. The story discusses two of New York City’s most powerful individuals and their court disputes. It is an entertaining enough TV show to watch in one sitting, but it’s also packed with sage advice and examples from real-world business, leadership, and achievement.

The sixth season of the show, which presently has five, was premiered in January 2022. If you desire enjoyment as well as inspiration to launch your own business, the show is ideal and a must-watch. The most entertaining and fascinating aspect of the show is when the two main characters strive to outdo one another. You will find the show obsoletely relatable and quite entertaining to watch.

Final Thoughts

These TV series are not only instructive and entertaining, but also quite inspirational and perceptive. They teach all you the things that could become a hurdle in your business, they teach you take the next step at the right time, and also teach you things as crucial as branding. From A to Z these shows will make feel like a pro entrepreneur. So, watch them now if you are looking for entertainment as well as education.