Questions Answered.

Sports Picks frequently asked questions

  • How do I buy your sports picks?

    Simple. Just choose one of our services and choose the "Buy Now" button!

  • Are your picks instantly available?

    Of course. You can order any picks and services at any time and have them instantly.

  • Do you give clients a write-up on the games posted to play?

    I do not give a detailed write-up for a few reasons:

    1. None of my selections are nearly as simple as a paragraph of text or a few listed trends or sexy statistics.

    2. I would rather spend my time handicapping and interacting with my clients than writing book reports defending why I select the games I select.

    3. At the end of the day, if I put a play in writing on this website, I am staking my reputation on it. If its on here, you can bet your last dollar that my own money is on it. No write-up will change that fact. If we win a game, its not because of the write-up, and if we lose a game, it's not because of the write-up. I don't want my clients picking and choosing what to play. Packages are sold as a package for a reason...the total package is what I view to be most profitable. Not cherry-picking games based on your favorite write-up and going large.

  • Can I contact you?

    Of course! I love interacting with my clients. I am available everyday until the last game of the card that evening has started. Please, however, respect my time as I do have many other clients and a family that still would like my attention as well.

  • Do you reccomend any particular sportsbook(s)?

    We all have our preferences, but I am happy to point you in the direction of books that I do recommend.